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mohomed arfath
4 min readDec 23, 2020


Task 1 → recon

How many ports are open with a port number under 1000?

there are just only 3 ports under 1000

What is this machine vulnerable to? (Answer in the form of: ms??-???, ex: ms08–067)

Nmap script tried 3 payloads but only ms17–010 worked
answer — ms17–010

task 2 →Gain Access

Find the exploitation code we will run against the machine. What is the full path of the code? (Ex: exploit/……..)


Show options and set the one required value. What is the name of this value? (All caps for submission)

in here we need to put the target IP in the exploit set RHOSTS <target_IP>

Task 3 →escalation

f you haven’t already, background the previously gained shell (CTRL + Z). Research online how to convert a shell to meterpreter shell in metasploit. What is the name of the post module we will use? (Exact path, similar to the exploit we previously selected)

to get a meterpreter shell press CTRL+Z to create a background session. now will go to MSF console again
then type session -u 1 which mean duplicate the session with a meterpreter session
then use Session 2 to enter


Select this (use MODULE_PATH). Show options, what option are we required to change? (All caps for answer)


List all of the processes running via the ‘ps’ command. Just because we are system doesn’t mean our process is. Find a process towards the bottom of this list that is running at NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and write down the process id (far left column).

here I am gonna use 708 PID

Migrate to this process using the ‘migrate PROCESS_ID’ command where the process id is the one you just wrote down in the previous step. This may take several attempts, migrating processes is not very stable. If this fails, you may need to re-run the conversion process or reboot the machine and start once again. If this happens, try a different process next time.

migrate 708


Within our elevated meterpreter shell, run the command ‘hashdump’. This will dump all of the passwords on the machine as long as we have the correct privileges to do so. What is the name of the non-default user?

there are 2 defult users and 1 non-default user

Copy this password hash to a file and research how to crack it. What is the cracked password?


Task 5→Find FLAG

Flag1? (Only submit the flag contents {CONTENTS}) This flag can be found at the system root.


Flag 3



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